US Men's Soccer in Nashville: USA vs Mexico

One of the most exciting things happening in Nashville is the growth of soccer fans in our city, so when we were selected as the next host of USA vs Mexico, we knew we had to witness it live. But what we witnessed, was not what we expected.

When you think of rivals, you think of fans hating the fans for the opposing team. Players playing scrappy and dirty. Dividing lines and security. Green Street Hooligans.

I’m fairly certain USA fans were outnumbered 2:1 at the stadium, and what made the night, was to see how many Mexico fans were cheering for both teams. We saw fans celebrating together when a goal was scored, taking photos together, and just having a good time enjoying a soccer rivalry together. Granted it was a friendly match, and might’ve been a bit different otherwise, but nonetheless, the night just reflected how Nashville is.

USA won the game 1-0, and I hopped down to the American Outlaws section to sing along and grab a few photos of the die hard fans celebrating a victory.