Cummins Falls

Summer was coming to a close, and we hadn't made it to Cummins Falls, the most popular swimming hole in Tennessee. So we were off on Labor Day and made our way early in the morning to beat the crowds (it also helps that we hike fast).

We met early at 630am in Nashville and made the hour and a half drive to a slightly empty Cummins Falls parking lot. We met a few of our friends from Franklin and Knoxville and headed down to the falls. The hike takes you across a river and back, but the water was low and we were wearing sandals, so it we made quick work of the 1.5 mile hike. Fortunately, we were the second one to the falls, and the first ones on the falls, so we were able to get some rare photos of the falls not being crowded with hundreds of people.

The water was a little low, so swimming wasn't great, but friends kept showing up and conversations went on. Around 11am, we looked around and there were probably over 300 people at the falls enjoying their day off. None of us brought any food so we decided to head into Cookeville and grab some food and drinks together at Cinco Amigos before parting ways for the day. On our way out, I'm fairly certain we passed over 150 more people coming to the falls and when we got to the parking lot, it was now a maze of cars as we tried to leave.