Cause a Scene House Show w/ Seryn and Neulore

It wouldn't really be Nashville without live music. Most of my favorite memories involve concerts that leave me feeling proud to call Nashville home. It's exciting to get to witness and take photos for some of the best concerts happening in Nashville, and am stoked to get to shoot a few of the festivals around town this year as well.

Cause a Scene recently invited me to help celebrate their 4 year anniversary with a house show featuring Neulore and Seryn.  Both bands had the entire room clapping and singing along to their music in the most intimate of settings. In a room that felt like I was surrounded by friends, I relaxed on a couch while hearing the bands play their sets stripped down to just acoustics, and was amazed by the lead singers' vocals.

Cause a Scene continues to impress and is definitely high on my list of things you should do in Nashville.