Travel Notes: Nashville to Hawaii

We needed a vacation. Badly. And with a wife that's pregnant, we were definitely not climbing many mountains, so a trip to the beach was in order. However with the Zika Virus floating around the Caribbean and Florida areas, we needed to get further away. The weather in California wasn't quite warm enough yet, so we decided to make our babymoon a trip to remember and decided on Hawaii. 

We had a few choices of islands, hotels, and beaches, so with this being  a trip for my wife, we decided to head to Oahu to stay at Disney's Aulani. The resort was a quiet, family-friendly resort that had kids running around everywhere while their parents chill by the pool. Most of our time was spent on the beach, or by the pool, but we made sure to experience the island as well.

Our first adventure was us hopping in our rental car from Enterprise, and making a drive around Oahu. Some of the highlights were Hanauma Bay, Halona Blowhole, The Byodo-In Temple, Laie Point State Wayside, some food truck park on the North Shore, and getting hit by a wave on the North Shore.

The next adventure, which was by far my favorite, was a hike to Kaena Point. We headed there a couple hours before sunset so we could watch the sunset along our hike. However, we didn't make it all the way to the point before pregnant legs got  a bit tired and wanted to turn back. But even without making it all the way and seeing the seals hanging out on the shore, it was one of the most beautiful hikes we've ever been on. With huge crashing waves on one side with the sun setting over it, and mountains on the other, these are views that we will never forget.

The last trip we went on was just a walk from Aulani to take some photos on the shore near Milo Cove. This was another late afternoon golden hour experience where we just took a quick trip to the market afterwards to pick up some dinner.

We tried to make a trip to Pearl Harbor, but we didn't make it in time to get tickets to the memorial, but I also took some photos from an empty pool in the area.

A couple of travel recommendations:

  • Fly to Los Angeles then to Hawaii, it breaks up the flights better.
  • Rent a Car!
  • There's so much to do on each island, unless you're staying in Hawaii for more than a week, just stay on one island. 
  • Pack a sweater and sunscreen.
  • Try the local food! Some of my favorites were Poke and the vegetarian food truck in North Shore. 
  • Catch every sunset you can.