24 Hour Adventure: Charlie's Bunion

I've always wondered how I can get the most out of a weekend and test the limits of what I could do with a Saturday. Working a 9-5, most of my adventures are limited to weekends, so I'm always looking for new ways to get the most adventure out of our weekends without spending a ton of money every weekend for the adventure. So I'd like to introduce our new blog series of 24 hour adventures where we see how much adventure we can pack into 24 hours for as little as possible.

Charlie's Bunion Trail is a challenging 8 mile round trip hike. It doesn't have as much elevation change as some others, but is about a 8 mile round trip, so it takes some time and effort.

Our adventure started Friday night, around 9pm, when we decided to pack up and drive to Knoxville. Instead of paying for camping or a hotel room, we decided to save that money for a cup of coffee at Barista Parlor, and spend the night in the car, sleeping outside of the rest stop in Crossville. We woke up at 6:30am to meet some friends in Knoxville, and by 8:30 we're eating breakfast at Chick-fil-A like a bunch of good southerners.

We started to make our way along the trail around 10am, when about a half mile in we reached something that we didn't expect. Ice. The hike, which we planned on only taking 4 hours, ended up taking about 7, and the side hikes and spots that we wanted to go see were missed. The ice was so bad, we saw a person requiring assistance from a park ranger, and we all pretty much fell flat on our asses at least twice. Luckily we made it up and down without any serious injuries. Be sure to take a lot of snacks and water!

After the frozen adventure of a hike, where all the photos below come from, we made our way to calorie heaven, Five Guys, and recharged before the 4 hour drive back home. 24 hours later, with a car interior covered in mud and snack wrappers, I move my shaky knees to the shower and crash hard. I never said 24 hours of adventure would be easy.

Total Cost of trip from Nashville (Food & Gas): $50 (Mostly because I ate so much)
Explorer Team: Josh Ness (_anchored), Daniel Chaney (@danielchaney), Mika Matin(@mika.matin), Alex Sattler (@alexandersattler), Corey Wolfenbarger (@coreywolfenbarger)
Must Explore Score: 9/10