Lost Creek Cave & Ozone Falls

It's easy to let a rainy day discourage an adventurer from leaving their house. Luckily, we learned the benefits that the rain brought: empty parks, perfect lighting, and overflowing waterfalls.

We first stopped at Lost Creek Cave to give us an escape from the rain. We found this spot on AllTrails, and read that there was a waterfall inside, so we thought it would be awesome to check it out. After almost getting my car stuck on what I thought was a driveway, we made our way up the wide trail to the waterfall and cave. We made our way around and were quite disappointed in both the size of the cave and the waterfall. (See the first landscape photo below for reference). While we were heading back, Paul sees a much larger cave and a much larger waterfall, and we suddenly realize that we almost missed it.

Unfortunately, the cave is closed due to bat hibernation, so we were good law abiding citizens and didn't enter the cave. On the other hand, the waterfall was flowing quite well, and it was much larger and more beautiful than anything we expected to see.

From there we started to make our way to Ozone Falls via highway 70, and drove past Wildcat Falls. We quickly pulled off the road and ran back to get a few shots of this half-frozen waterfall. As we were getting closer to Ozone, the temperature started dropping and everything became extra foggy (especially my lens). As we got right next to Ozone Falls, I pulled off the road to take a few pictures, only to see a tree fall across the street right where we were headed. The trees were completely covered in a thin layer of ice.

We finally made it to the falls and headed down the icy trail, avoiding falling icicles along the way. Ozone Falls is definitely one of the most beautiful areas I've seen, and I'm looking forward to heading back here during the summer to go swimming. Right as we were leaving, we found a train bridge like none other I've seen in Tennessee, definitely a must stop for all photographers.

Final Note. These waterfalls might not look like this all the time. We went after 2 days straight of rain, and it was still raining, so the flow of these falls might not look like this all the time.

Explorer Team: Josh Ness (_anchored), Paul Riley (@plriley)
Must Explore Score: 7/10