Radnor Lake - Snow Edition

I've lived in Nashville a long time and have never seen snow like this. So if there was one thing I needed to do, it was to explore. What better place to go exploring than one of my favorite trails close to Nashville, Radnor Lake. Coming from Nashville,  the interstates and main roads were clear, but getting on Granny White and Otter Creek road was a little bit of an adventure. We did the lake trail, which is 1.4 miles and quite easy. There's a little bit of ice on the path, but the snow was easy to hike.

Distance from Nashville: 20 Minutes
Explorer Team: Josh Ness (@_anchored), Joska (@joskaphotography), Lauren Padgett (@laurenpadgett), Mitchell Hollander (@mitchell_hollander), Tobias Ferrell (@tobiasferrell)
Must Explore Score: 10/10