Fall Creek Falls

It had been a few years since I had been to Fall Creek Falls, and I'm clueless as to why it took me so long to get back there.  Fall Creek Falls was vibrant and didn't even feel like I was in the South any more. We all agreed it felt like something misplaced from the Pacific Northwest, but excited to find a the same vibes close to home.

We started out at the parking lot near Cane Creek Falls and took the Woodland Trail, opting for the more scenic Gorge Overlook Trail bypass. The bypass had some great scenic views, where we took a few photos overlooking the falls. By the time we got to the bottom of the trail, we stood in the shadow of the gorge getting soaked by the mist of the waterfall. The hike back up was grueling, but definitely worth it. If we were to do it again, we would've parked one car in each lot and driven back and forth so we didn't have to walk back on the same trail.

I went out with some great dudes (Austin, Corey, and Daniel). Be sure to check out their feeds. Honorable mention goes to Rachel... Sorry we couldn't find you.

Be sure to grab your crew and head a couple hours east from Nashville and go exploring!