2016 NYE x Weld Nashville

Thinking back, 2015 has been a difficult year, but also been the single most rewarding year of my life. If I could sum up 2015 in one word, that word would be RESILIENCE. I lost track of how many time I wanted to give up on everything that I had worked toward, but in the end I realized 2015 was all about growing community.

There is such a community in Nashville that is greater than anything I'm doing. A community that seem to gravitate towards the similar things and end up in the same places. It's hard to put words to it, but all those feelings of community accumulated the moment I walked into WELD.

WELD NYE was the hype. Where hundreds of people were still trying to get tickets, and people would rather sell their own ticket for $200 over cost than go (It happened). Luckily, we go our tickets early, and we were ready to party. We weren't expecting WELD to be the place to get drinks, so instead of waiting on the longest line ever for a single beer, we decided to snag a couple bottles of wine from the table, and pass it around the dance floor, making new friends along the way (even if they don't remember). We were, however, expecting to dance with our friends, to the best DJ and light show combo in Nashville, DJ Foldy and Stephen Proctor, and that's where we were not let down.

There's not many places I've been that have the light show that WELD puts on and combining it with some great remixes and beats shared by the DJ, the night went off perfect. But NYE in Nashville doesn't mean a thing unless you're there with your squad, no matter where the party's at. 

So what does 2016 mean to you? I was chatting friends about the creative community here in Nashville, and I believe 2016 is the year that creatives' dreams come true. For so long, Nashville was known as the place where musicians (and most creatives) would come to have their dreams crushed. But not in 2016. Let's go chase our dreams together and inspire one another!

Happy new year, explorers!