Erin, TN

I've always been intrigued by the amount of history in Tennessee. Being in Nashville most my life, I've just recently started venturing out to the lesser known areas to show why Tennessee is beautiful. On a tip from Q Avenue Photography about a quarry cave in Erin, TN and I knew this was an adventure that needed to be shared. 

We drove in town early afternoon before the rain came, and were amazed to see how everything was closed on a Saturday. Most the stores had either gone out of business, or just don't do business on weekends. Abandoned buildings ruled the downtown strip and walking in the middle of the streets, we just felt like we were free to roam around. There wasn't anything really to do there, but we had fun just walking around and eating at Paul's Pizza Palace thinking that their was some unique history of the Irish town, Erin, TN. We quickly ran out of sunlight and just called it an early day with the rain settling in, even with all the surrounding areas that were begging to be explored. So many old buildings, the town looked like it hadn't changed much since the early 90's.

Distance from Nashville: 1.5 Hours
Explorer Team: Josh Ness (@_anchored), Mika Matin (@mika.matin), Daniel Chaney (@daniel.chaney)
Must Explore Score: 5/10