The Beginning

It's funny how things get started sometimes.

About a year before Nashville Explorers Club was started, I was at lunch with friends, having conversations about Instagram, and the best way that I can represent where I live.  Most the creative friends I had made were planning on moving somewhere else because "all the cool places are in the Pacific Northwest."

So where could I find the places to go? Looking through all the other Nashville feature accounts, all I saw were photos of the skyline over and over again.

Knowing there was more out there, I started trying to connect with all the best explorers in Nashville. I started finding cool places to take photos. We started hanging out at these places and that's when it happened.

I made up #nashvilleexplorersclub. It was a joke. Some random caption. But so many people responded to me as how they can "join the club", I knew there was a need that I could meet.

So six months later, I'm writing my first blog post on a website that I can better facilitate the community. I hope to help show more places and feature more creatives than I could before and push the limits of what a creative community can do.

It's exploring season, take us with you.

-- Josh


Here's a few photos from the day I started "Nashville Explorers Club"