Cheekwood Lights

For the first time ever, Cheekwood has decided to take on the Opryland Hotel and offer a light show of their own with Cheekwood Lights. Just kidding, it's not really a competition. It was, however, a great experience to walk around the Cheekwood grounds, drinking a hot beverage (bring a flask, or you can buy their cocktails) and taking in the Christmas season. They had some very talented carolers,  some rather boring reindeer display, 750,000 light, and you can see the Cheekwood's art exhibits.

For some reason, it costs more than their normal exhibit, and for that reason, must say it's not worth it as their grounds are so much cooler than the areas you walk through for the lights. I recall going to a lights exhibit earlier at Cheekwood and it being much cooler, and was just the normal admission rate. 

Cheekwood Lights is a good option if you don't mind spending the money to avoid the crowds at Opryland as it is a bit classier option. Don't forget your flask.