Going East

A couple of friends (@plriley & @mackenzie.maroney) and I hopped in a car with nowhere particular in mind heading east from Nashville. Driving the 40, we saw a few people fishing in the J. Percy Priest Dam as well as it gushing out a ton of water (it had just rained the day before), and thought it was worth exploring. We knew it was going to be a good dam day, and decided to continue on east to the Center Hill Lake Dam. 

After tired of dam exploring, we had no plans, so Paul looked in Google Maps and found that he had a favorite location a couple exits down, but really didn't know what it was. When we stumbled on a bus graveyard, we knew we had arrived. We tried to be as respectful as possible to the no trespassing so we decided not to get on any of the buses, but it would had been great to meet the owner and get to see their entire collection.

We were about to head home when we realized we were just a few minutes from Burgess Falls. However, when we got halfway down the hike we found out the lower falls were closed. If you're wanting to go to Burgess, I'd recommend checking the status online here, before heading that way. But the trees were still changing, the colors were popping, and the rain was heading in, so this ended up being a great place to take some photos.