2017 Nashville Solar Eclipse Photos

Every hotel was booked and every car was rented, as tourists from all over took over Nashville to see the "once in a lifetime" (isn't it happening again in 2024?) event. If you weren't able to get in the path of totality, or your view was blocked by a cloud, or a high rise, you really missed out on one of the most spectacular events I've ever seen. Luckily, I took a few photos.

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Caving in Stephen's Gap

Get your Indiana Jones on....

Stephen's Gap is a sinkhole cavern located just east of Huntsville, AL and by all means it's an absolute southern belle. Less than a mile hike with some short up-hill bursts is all it takes to get to the cave. What you'll notice first is a small waterfall, and as you approach it, you find it plunges deep through a 20 foot wide hole about 140ft down into the earth. This is where my good friend, Henry Thompson of Holdfast Adventures set up shop. He's a master ropes guy, and he was the ticket to making this trip something beyond epic. 

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